The Beginning

Well, here it is.  My blog.  My education blog.  Since I have never written a blog before, I ask forgiveness from anyone who ends up reading this first post, since it may sound choppy and perhaps incomplete.

As said in the tagline, I think I’ll use this blog as a type of journal of my journey entering into the existing educational realm.  I have completed a semester of teaching assisting and will be starting student teaching in the fall, which will be an exciting experience I’m sure.

Last semester was truly eye-opening as to what I was really getting myself into.  Education is not only planning lessons, deciding what to do within a classroom from day to day, but also jumping through political hoops, realizing that students are not learning as we hope they will learn,  and convincing the community that change needs to take place in order to better the education system.  With the introduction of the Common Core into the schools, I realized that my peers and I have a small advantage over some teachers who have been in the field for some time because of the training we are receiving at Grand Valley State University to implement literacy within all content areas.  It will be interesting to see what this next semester will bring.

It would really help if any readers would post questions they have regarding education and I will do my best to share my thoughts.  I am no expert, and never will be, but I love to discuss the importance of change within our education.  Thank you for reading! If you would like to know a little  bit more about who I am as a future educator, you can check out some of my work and ideas on my website which will be updated within the next semester!